Deciphering the Language of Behaviour

As a former headteacher of a SEMH provision, Axcis ambassador Graham Chatterely shares his experiences and knowledge of SEMH (social, emotional and mental health) - deciphering the language of behaviour in this guest blog.…

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My journey from being withdrawn from PE at school to becoming an Olympic gold medalist (guest post)

As a patron for nasen and Axcis Ambassador, we are thrilled to share this guest post from Danielle Brown MBE. In it, she talks about her journey from struggling at school with PE, through a difficult period of diagnosis for her disability and how she has overcome this to achieve sporting success. We think you’ll agree that this is an inspiring story.…

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My journey: how I became a TA & why (guest post)

In this guest post, we find out how a plan to be a fashion designer turned into a career as a teaching assistant! Maybe it could be the ideal job for you too - read more here.…

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